Quebec's Solidarity Fund is making major changes to its administration in the wake of multiple allegations of corrupt behaviour made during the Charbonneau Commission.

The fund's president, Yvon Bolduc, is resigning, and is being replaced by Robert Parizeau, who was part of the committee mandated to create a new direction for the fund five years ago.

Wiretaps heard at the Charbonneau Commission showed Bolduc knew about shady dealings with Hells Angels members.

The fund is parting ways with Bolduc at the end of March.

Also changing is how its board of directors is chosen, in order to reduce the power held by the Quebec Federation of Labour.

The fund was created by the QFL and the union has always had the power to name a majority of the retirement fund's board of directors.

On Thursday the Fund announced that it was increasing the number of directors from 17 to 19, and that only seven would be named by the QFL. Seven more would be independent, and four would be named by the fund's shareholders.

In the past, the majority of the board was nominated by the QFL.

The proposed changes generated positive reaction from opposition parties in Quebec City.

"I think with the independent people it's more easy to have more transparency," said Lise Theriault of the Liberals.

Political analyst Jean Lapierre said the QFL fund had to make changes.

"They don't want to be the ping pong ball during an election," said Lapierre.

The PQ says it plans to table a bill soon at the National Assembly to allow for the changes.