Police have arrested 19 people after a riot broke out Saturday night during a town celebration in Blanville.

The unrest began after about 200 people attending the Blainville en fete festival refused to leave at the end of an outdoor performance by veteran Drummondville rockers Les Trois Accords.

The rioters flipped a police car on its back and set it on fire. They also tossed objects at police, including bottles.

Local police recruited assistance from the provincial SQ police as well as a combination of other nearby local forces.

Ten of the 19 arrested were minors and all were all aged between 14 and 22.

At the peak of the conflict about 1,000 youth were pitted against about 80 officers.

Police arrested one suspect after he was identified by images posted on social media sites and intend to make several more arrests, possibly through the same method. 

The riot was brought to an end at around 2 a.m. and all arrested were freed on the condition that they return to court to face charges, which will likely include participating in a riot, mischief and arson.

There was no alcohol at the event, officially at least. A city representative later confessed, however, that many young people appeared to have brought their own beer.

"We had a lot of cans of beer on the ground and on the sidewalk," said city representative Yves Meunier.

Blainville is a city of about 55,000 that sits about 30 km north of downtown Montreal.