CDN-NDG borough Mayor Sue Montgomery faced a room full of citizens for her first-ever meeting as an elected official.

She's the first woman to hold the position and borough residents were curious to meet the political neophyte.

Montgomery faces a steep learning curve, and pledged not to disappoint her fellow citizens.

"I give you my word that I will do my best to serve you, the residents of Cote des Neiges-NDG," said Montgomery.

The former journalist has the support of three other Projet Montreal members on council: Peter McQueen, Magda Popeanu (also on the central city's Executive Committee) and newcomer Christian Arseneault.

Longtime councillors Lionel Perez, the interim leader of what was Team Denis Coderre (and former interim borough mayor) said he expects the borough will continue to run smoothly.

"Ninety-eight percent of the time we vote the same way so by and large we’re really collegial at borough council and I have no doubt we’ll be able to work things out and time to time we’ll disagree," said Perez.

Marvin Rotrand agreed with that assessment.

"We'll see. You start a mandate with hopes. I’ll give it two or three weeks before I say anything bad," he joked.

Later in the evening Perez questioned Montgomery about a procedural change.


Councillors said they hope to be able to fulfill the promises they made during the election campaign, especially to improve housing conditions and create better green spaces.

But the major complaint from residents is traffic, which Montgomery promised to work on.

"One of the things we want to do especially is communicate with residents better and making the signs clearer for detours," said Montgomery.

The next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 11 at the NDG Cultural Centre, where councillors will debate and adopt the budget for the next year.