MONTREAL -- Psychiatrists at Montreal's Pinel Insitute handed a 35-page report on alleged murderer Ali Ngarukiye this morning at the Montreal Court House.

Ali Ngarukiye was arrested last spring and charged with the attempted murder of police officer Sanjay Vig in Montreal's Park Extension borough last January.

Police initially arrested another man, Mamadi Camara, but he was released a week later after the prosecution and the SPVM admitted they had the wrong suspect.

While awaiting his court appearance, Ngarukiye was then charged with the killing of his cellmate Andre Lapierre at the Riviere des Prairies prison.

The psychiatric report should determine whether or not Ngarukiye was mentally responsible for his own actions when the alleged crimes were committed.

His defence lawyer, Lloyd Fischler, said he didn’t have a chance to read the 35-page report yet, and will discuss its content with prosecutor Louis Bouthillier before the case returns to court on Oct. 13.

In the meantime, Quebec Court Justice Linda Despots ordered the document sealed until then.