MONTREAL -- A renowned Montreal restaurateur, Jérôme Ferrer, has decided to act long before wearing face masks becomes mandatory in all indoor public places in Montreal on July 27.

Starting this week, wearing a mask is compulsory at Ferrer's establishment located on de la Montagne St. in downtown Montreal

Customers can remove their masks once seated at a table, but a face covering is otherwise required in the restaurant to ensure the safety of the staff and other customers.

A mask will be given free of charge to customers upon arrival and a bottle of hand sanitizer will be placed on each table.

Ferrer said these efforts are being implemented in order to avoid the possibility of a second closure of the establishment, which could, this time, jeopardize its future.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante said this week that as of July 27, wearing a face covering will be mandatory in all indoor public places and businesses in the city, including bars and restaurants

The mayor said that for many merchants, another confinement would mean permanently closing their doors, a possibility she said would be a disaster for the people and economy of the city.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 8, 2020.