Quebec's junior transport minister promised on Tuesday that the REM light rail project is on track for completion by 2022, as planned.

But around Mount-Royal and Canora stations, on the Deux-Montagnes train line, the next two and a half years will see traffic snarled and commuters delayed.

Rouleau said Exo trains on the deux-montagnes train line would be delayed 30 minutes due to construction, on top of current delays.

Residents are most concerned about the demolition of the Cornwall St. bridge at Mount-Royal station and the bridge over Jean-Talon at Canora station. They're circulating two petitions to prevent what they say could be catastrophic traffic delays in the neighbourhood. The residents want the bridge closures staggered to mitigate gridlock.

Rouleau said she consulted with TMR Mayor Philippe Roy, though he wasn't invited to visit the construction site on Tuesday.