MONTREAL -- WestJet is instituting new rules on its flights after a recent increase in COVID-19 outbreaks stemming from flights, one of several moves made by airlines this week.

One major change: masks will no longer be only mandatory on paper. They'll be really mandatory. 

"What passenger should internalize," said air passengers' rights advocate Gabor Lukacs, "is refusing to wear a mask is something similar to smoking in the lavatory, and it will be treated similarly."

Refusing to properly wear a mask after a warning could get you kicked off a plane and banned for a year.

The change was needed, one recent air traveller told CTV.

"It's a good idea, because I know, having flown about three weeks ago, you see people who take their mask off to eat but then leave it off, and you sort of think, 'Well that's not exactly the point.'"

Watch the video above to see the full report on WestJet's changes.