Reflector Entertainment is offering up their occult thriller ‘Unknown 9’ in book, blog, video-game and other platforms. Each medium is independent, but the story worlds interconnect.

“The entertainment industry is a behemoth. It’s huge and it’s growing. People are consuming more entertainment because entertainment is becoming higher quality,” said Alexandre Amancio, CEO of Reflector.

There are 108 employees already working on this project, with many more hires to come. The young company said it's looking to hire more than 200 people worldwide. French and English artists mean the product will be open to North American and European entertainment markets.

“There’s an incredible service industry in Montreal,” said Amancio. “The best studios come here to make films.”

Augmented reality, virtual reality -- however you choose to consume your culture.

“Reflector… wants to export it to the world, benefitting from this amazing community of creatives we've built over the last years,” said Amancio.