With volunteers deployed across Quebec to help flood victims the Red Cross is calling on the generosity of the public by launching a Flood Relief Fund.

According to a message on the organization’s website the money will go towards “filling the most pressing needs” and to “support the victims when they return home.”

Red Cross Quebec vice-president Pascal Mathieu said help will first be offered to the most vulnerable people to provide additional assistance to that offered by public authorities.

“I don’t know how much money we will have and how many people we will have to help, but when we have a little more information we’ll be able to quickly plan emergency assistance,” he said.

The Red Cross is currently operating in a dozen Quebec municipalities with another dozen having asked them to be ready to intervene.

As of Sunday morning there were 980 flooded homes and 1,264 evacuees in Beauce, Outaouais, Estrie, Centre-du-Quebec and Rigaud.

Mathieu said the mandate of the Red Cross’ 4,000 volunteers in Quebec is to first comfort victims and then help them with their basic needs.

“Volunteers are trained to provide comfort,” he said. “We refer people to social services if we realize that person is in distress or with the municipalities for certain services. We can also offer accomodations or help with meals.”

If the flood emergency fund raises enough money, financial assistance may be provided to families to cover expenses related to their evacuation.

Another form of aid could be after the water recedes, as well.

“If we have the means, families who have suffered significant damage could receive financial assistance to help recovery,” said Mathieu.

Those affected are encouraged to register via the Red Cross website.