MONTREAL -- Quebec food safety officials have issued a recall on smoked salmon sold at a Verdun bagel shop.

The recall concerns smoked salmon sold in various sizes from Bagel St-Lo at 5411 Verdun Ave. in Montreal.

The recall was issued by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Ministry Friday because the packaging did not include the required expiration date.

The product was sold up to Sept. 25 only at Bagel St-Lo and was sold refrigerated, packaged in a transparent bag. Its label includes, in addition to the product's name, the words 'Bagel St-Lo.'

The voluntary recall is only a precautionary measure: no illnesses have been reported in connection with the food so far.

Anyone who has the product can either throw it away or return it to the bagel shop, and they are not advised to consume it, even if it doesn't present a suspicious odour or show signs of spoilage, because it could represent a health risk.