MONTREAL -- Food safety officials are advising the public not to consume smoked fish packaged and sold by the company Marché Euro Mix in Montreal. 

The recall was first announced on Wednesday before being updated to include an additional item two days later.

Authorities say the items were improperly packaged and should be thrown away or returned to the vendor, even if no spoilage is immediately apparent.

fish recall

The items in question were sold exclusively at Marché Euro Mix, located at 15718 Pierrefonds Blvd. in Montreal, until Oct. 12. 

The products, which were packaged in styrofoam trays and/or clear plastic bags, were labelled as:

  • SPRATS FUMÉS (smoked frats)
  • HALBIBUT FUMÉ (smoked halibut)
  • SAUMON FUMÉ TRANCHÉ (sliced smoked salmon)
  • ESTURGEON FUMÉ À FROID TRANCHÉ OU EN MORCEAUX (cold smoked sturgeon slice or in pieces)
  • DARNE D'ESTURGEON (sturgeon steak)
  • TRUITE FUMÉE - BOS SMOKED FISH (Smoked trout, new as of Oct. 15) 

fish recall

Some of the products included "Euromix Marketplace" on the label, while others did not.

No illness associated with the consumption of these items has been reported.