Sophie Marier is a champion canoe racer, but she only picked up a paddle in competition by complete fluke.

Her younger sister was taking part in a provincial race when one athlete had to back out, and a coach asked Sophie to paddle for one event.

The following year she signed up to train and race full time.

"Competing is really fun because you go against people from Lachine and even Quebec City, Sherbrooke. It is really fun to go against people that you have never seen," said Sophie.

It was not long before she was hooked.

"Just the fact that you come out every day and go out on the water," said Sophie.

Her coach Matthew Chin said that for Sophie competition is not just fun -- it's successful.

"At the provincial's she medalled in all her canoeing events which is impressive and she won the woman's C-1," said Chin.

And as for the little sister that was on the water first, she doesn't bear any grudges.

"I think we are about equal in kayak but she is a better canoer than me," said Coco Marier.