MONTREAL - Handball is a huge sport around the world but rather amazingly, there’s only one club here in Montreal.

That doesn’t diminish the passion of one practitioner of the sport, which enjoyed some short-lived popularity after fans saw it in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

The star player, Montreal’s Sophie London, wants it to grow here again.

“I think it's a great sport and I would love it if more people knew about it. I would love it if there were leagues in every school in Montreal,” she said.

London has been playing since she was in grade five and now at age 16, has progressed to a level of excellence.

Her coach credits her mix of balance and size.

“Sophie plays pivot so she has good size and she takes place on the line. She's got good hands and she's a good scorer. When she has the ball usually the ball is in,” said Coach Christian Langlade

Sophie, however, would prefer the sun to shine on her entire team.

“Handball is a team sport, it is very athletic so you have to run a lot. You have to be aggressive but not to the point to hurt people,” she said.

Her sister credits her attitude for much of her success.

“She’s always trying to get better,” said Sarah London. “She works with the team and she is a team player. She doesn't always look for the spotlight.”