After ten years in the pool Marshal Dubourd is breaking records that have stood since before his parents were alive -- and coaches say his best years are yet to come.

Marshal started swimming when he was five years old and quickly moved into getting ready to compete.

"When I race it gives me like a lot of adrenaline and it's pretty good," Marshal said.

Like all teenagers he finds training dull, but recognizes it's important in order to win.

Last year he broke half a dozen records, including one held by former Olympian Peter Schmidt.

"I think it was pretty good because it's not like a record of 2000, 2008. (It's like 1963). It's a long time ago. It's like 40 years ago.

He's also managed to break records that's he's set himself.

Coach Tom Rushton believes Marshal has even more potential.

"He's 15, the youngest boy that we have in the squad so it's difficult to extrapolate where he might be in 10 years," Rushton said.

"The best male swimmers in the world are around 25. What we like about Marshal is that he's got potential in a lot of areas so he's not restricted."

Whether he competes internationally or not, Marshal is certain he will continue to leap into the pool.

"I have so much energy. It's because I swim and if I don't swim I become... so excited," said Marshal.

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