Kirsten Frantz loves to dance, bike, swim and ski. But when it comes to competition, she is literally following in her sister's footsteps.

She started running in grade four when her Phys. Ed. teacher introduced her to the sport, something that her sister was already doing successfully.

"I was interested in it, so i kind of just followed them into it and I really loved it. So I kept on doing it," said Kirsten.

One year later she qualified for provincial championships, and has participated every year since.

The 14-year-old is now in Grade Nine at Royal West Academy.

"I find it more of a challenge then regular track and field," said Kirsten.

"When you are doing cross country, there are hills and you have to watch out for branches and stuff and i that it gives you more of a challenge."

Last year she won the Greater Montreal Athletic Association regionals and set a record for the 3000 metre run.

This year she placed second, but her sister Allison said Kirsten is improving.

"She's becoming more of a competitor with other people she's been training a lot more so she's been getting a lot better."

Her coach, Eric Janvier, thinks Kirsten can do better still, and expects her to compete on a national level soon.