MONTREAL - Unlike many of Canadians who dream of going to Brazil to lie on a beach, Dorothy Yeats wants to go to make others assume that position, against their will.

The Vanier College wrestler is well on her way to qualifying for the 2016 Brazil Olympics thanks to some impressive wins.

She has been endowed with an aptitude to pinning opponents to mats, most notably in Singapore where she bagged the girls' freestyle 70 kg event in 2010 at the Summer Youth Olympics.

She credits her iron-willed determination for her success.

"I've always been a really competitive person," she says. "I've always wanted to see just how far I can go. Even if I'm in a tough match I don't want to give up I want to fight to the end."

And to those who believe that girls' wrestling is a little less ferocious than that of the other gender, she's the first to demonstrate that she can take down male challengers.

"It's a confidence booster. If I'm beating guys why can't I beat girls? Then I go to the tournaments and I'm ready to do it."

The male wrestlers have been suitable impressed, including Ames Mancini, who wrestles on the Canadian national team.

'She's an athlete brings it. Every time she comes to practice you can see the people who are right away willing to train and willing to put in the extra time."

Mancini's teammate Clepas Ncube also marvels at Yeats', dedication and her "willingness and eagerness to want to be the best."

And coach says she's the real deal.

"She's one of Canada's brightest young stars and she has the abilities to be a world class athlete and to be a medalist at the world and Olympic games," says David Zilberman, who has been training her at the school.

The wrestling gene just might run in the Yeats family: her father Doug participated at four Olympic Games, a feat that she would love to duplicate.

"I look up to him," she says. "I'm striving to potentially beat his record but it would be tough."

Dad, in turn, says that she has all the tools to do well at the Olympics.

"By 2016, I'd be surprised if she's not good enough to win it. She's just dominated every level she's gone to so far."