The biggest foodie buzz of 2011 went sour on Wednesday when celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay sued the BBQ restaurant on Laurier Avenue that used to bear his name.

After holding a much-hyped opening six months ago, complete with the celebrity chef, the business relationship between Ramsay and owner Danny Lavy fell apart last month.

On Wednesday, Ramsay sued his former partner for nearly $3 million, claiming $2 million in lost future revenues; $500,000 for damage to Ramsay's reputation; $160,000 in unpaid license fees; and $23,000 for the temperamental chef's travel and promotion costs.

Last month, the restaurant complained that Ramsay never returned to the restaurant since the opening and failed to provide any input for the menu. It also said that Ramsay's staff didn't address the specific nature of the Montreal market.

In his lawsuit, Ramsay fired back, claiming that the contract only required him to lend his name to the restaurant. He also accuses the restaurant of dismissing Executive Chef Guillermo Russo, who ran the restaurant's kitchen.

CTV New's calls to Ramsay's office in London were not returned. The current owners of the Laurier restaurant declined to comment for the time being.

Accusations of bad faith are being exchanged on both sides.