A local radio host has been suspended for a month for comments made by a caller on air about the Jewish community.

A caller made inappropriate comments last Wednesday about the Jewish population and the Holocaust during a call-in segment on the 98.5 FM show Fabi la nuit, an overnight call-in show hosted by Jacques Fabi.

The woman said, “You know about the Holocaust?” to which he replied, “Yes, a little.”

She then said, “Anyway, for me, it was the most beautiful thing; that happened in history.”

Fabi did not chastise her for the offensive comment.

Cogeco issued a press release Monday apologizing for the comments, and saying Fabi “failed his obligation to observe and enforce the codes of ethics of the industry and of COGECO Diffusion in the circumstances.”

The apology also included this statement:

“COGECO Diffusion and 98.5 FM do not endorse in any way these comments and deplore, without reservation, the on-air host's lack of judgment in this case. The measures taken reflect the seriousness of the incident."

Fabi has been suspended without pay for one month.

The radio host issued an apology to the Jewish community for the anti-Semitic remarks Monday, in which he referred to his behaviour as "careless" and said it showed “lack of judgment.”

“For over 35 years, I have run a night-time call-in show and this is not the first time a listener has tried to convey unacceptable messages; I always reacted quickly to avoid these situations, except the last week,” he wrote.

"I have disrespected the Jewish population and all my listeners. In addition, I have also discredited my show."

Still, Rabbi Reuben Poupko said an apology isn’t enough.

“I think most reasonable people would agree that an egregious line has been crossed and a dismissal of the broadcaster is in order,” he said.

Fabi said he accepts his suspension and will work to be more careful to control disrespectful callers upon his return to the airwaves.