MONTREAL -- The Legault government must "pull itself together" and justify its decisions regarding COVID-19 restrictions or else Quebecers' trust will keep eroding by the day, according to all three of the province's opposition parties. 

Social peace is at risk in Quebec, according to Liberal leader Dominique Anglade. She made the comments at a news briefing in response to the Legault government's decision to extend red-zone measures for another four weeks. 

Opposition parties are demanding that the government make its health guidelines public by explaining precisely where COVID-19 outbreaks are, and by making clear, consistent decisions in connection to those outbreaks. 

The parties say Quebecers are not willing to blindly follow instructions. They do not understand, for example, why Olymel -- a meat-processing company that recently recorded hundreds of cases of COVID-19 at a Beauce plant and even one death -- can remain open, while museums and cinemas must stay closed. 

The inconsistency and lack of explanation undermines Quebecers' confidence in authorities -- so much so that groups are now leaning towards civil disobedience, Anglade said. 

On Monday, some 200 fitness, yoga and dance centres announced plans to reopen Thursday despite COVID-19 restrictions. 

Legault responded that those who open will be fined. 

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 27, 2020.