Quebecers will soon have access to their health information online, as Health Minister Gaetan Barrette announced registration for an app and website portal will begin on May 22 on Friday.

Carnet Sante Quebec En Ligne will offer Quebecers access via smartphone and computer to information such as X-ray, MRI and blood test results, as well as the ability to make appointments with doctors.

The app, which cost $11 million to develop, will also feature a medical library, allowing users to get information on medications, as well as a list of all of a patient's prescriptions for the previous five years. 

Barrette said information on the app will be confidential and managed by RAMQ.

"We have one of the strongest track records in the world," said Barrette. "We've been hosting data since 1969, and when was the last time you heard of a security breach at the RAMQ?"

He warned that while test results will be available, there will be a delay to ensure patients get proper context from their doctors before consulting the app.

“We cannot filter what are day to day things from something more serious like cancer results coming from a test,” he said. “To make sure that you have the opportunity to visit the doctor first, to get the results first, we wait 30 days on the recommendation of doctors.”

He added that in the name of transparency, patients will also be able to see what doctors got paid for procedures and tests that have been done.

Barrette added that while the app will streamline how Quebecers get their medical services, there is still much work to be done on the province's healthcare system.

"This is a good thing, but... until we are solving the problem of access to a doctor when we need one, too many ambulatory patients in emergency units... we have to settle that and, with all due respect to all ministers, we have not solved that," he said.