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Quebec will mostly ban the use of private health agencies starting next year


The government of Quebec announced that a draft regulation will gradually prohibit, except for exceptions, the use of private agencies and self-employed workers in the health and social services network.

The pre-publication of the draft regulation stems from the adoption of the bill aimed at limiting the use of private agencies in the network.

Minister responsible for Social Services Lionel Carmant added that when the use of agencies remains permitted, regulations containing several new measures will be applied.

Thus, the imposition of certain ancillary charges will be prohibited. There will also be a limit on hourly rates for certain job titles as well as for the increase in fees billed to an organization for overtime or compulsory overtime.

The government also plans to identify administrative measures and criminal offences that may be associated with all forms of contravention of the new measures.

Carmant indicated that this draft regulation on the use of private agencies is part of the government's desire to establish favourable working conditions and to offer a more attractive environment in the Quebec public health network.

The draft regulation provides that in urban areas of Quebec, organizations will no longer be able to use the services of an agency as of Oct. 20, 2024. The dates have been set for Oct. 19, 2025 for adjoining areas and Oct. 18, 2026 for remote areas.

The pre-publication of this draft by-law will be accompanied by a 20-day consultation period during which groups will be able to submit their briefs and comments.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on July 26, 2023. Top Stories

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