The provincial government is developing a new plan to cope with any future disastrous floods in Quebec.

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux said that after this year's extraordinarily difficult spring, the province knows it needs to do better in helping organize a response for people in need.

Coiteux said one key aspect that must be changed is in how citizens receive financial aid.

"We have to simplify the program. The program is very complex," said Coiteux.

"Financially speaking the program is generous, but it is complex and because it is complex it may contribute to delays that should be shortened and the way to shorten those delays is to have a more flexible and a simpler program and a different way to work with those municipalities, so we'll have new protocols for exchanging information with municipalities, we will have a new form of collaboraing with municipalities, we will simplify our structures for collaboration and we will simplify the program."

More than 6,000 people asked for financial aid following this year's flooding, and the province handed out $100 million to those people.

About 120 families are still living in hotels because their homes are too damaged.

After months of talking to flood victims and to municipal officials in flood zones, the Public Security Ministry has gone through all the information collected and collected suggestions about what can be improved.

Coiteux said this year's experience was the first time the province has had these kinds of discussions with municipalities.

The new plan for financial aid and flooding will be presented to the public by February.