MONTREAL -- Quebec is set to modernize the province's curbside recycling program -- and is putting the onus on producers.

Environment Minister Benoit Charette announced on Tuesday that is it gradually introducing new measures with a $30.5 million investment into overhauling the system.

Charette made it clear on Tuesday morning that he expected the producers of these items carry a greater responsibility: they would have to take charge of recovery, sorting, packaging and recycling.

"Companies will be involved at the very beginning of the system, and they will be able to ask for a minimum of quality so they can use these products and give them a new value," said Charette.

Businesses will be required to meet targets and will face penalties if they don't.

The province announced in late January it will expand its bottle deposit system to include all glass, plastic and metal drink containers between 100ml and 2L, that government said it is targeting various kinds of non-returnable containers and various printed matter, including newspapers.

As such, companies will benefit from using reusable plastic bottles, for example, or at the very least recyclable packaging.

Charette said he hopes that in ten years, the recovery of these objects will amount to 90 per cent.

The system will take effect in 2022 and is expected to be fully operational in 2025.

For the recycling plan to work, oversight will be necessary to make sure producers of waste are holding up their end of the bargain, environmental groups said.

 - With files from The Canadian Press