A Quebec teen is getting a little Netflix fame – and a big chunk of change – after selling a one-of-a-kind Lewis Hamilton F1 card for $900,000 US (equal to over $1.2 million in Canadian dollars).

"This week, Carlo [Civitella] needs to brush up on his French if he wants a Canadian family to consign a life-changing F1 card," begins the "Dreams Do Come True" episode of the Netflix series King of Collectibles: the Goldin Touch.

The show follows Ken Goldin and his team as they search for rare collectibles.

The fifth and sixth episode of the series released at the end of April features 16-year-old Jean-Nicolas Gagnon and his father, Nicholas, from Saguenay, Que. who own a one-of-a-kind Lewis Hamilton card that Jean-Nicolas pulled out of a $50 pack.

The consignment director Civitella, through an interpreter, meets the father and son, who are looking to sell the only 2020 Topps Chrome F1 Superfractor 1/1 Lewis Hamilton card in existence.

"This could change the course of everything," says Civitella in the show.

Adding to its value, the card is autographed by the record-holding Hamilton, the only Black racer ever in F1.

"This is my favourite kind of deal," says Civitella, who explains to the father and son that a private buyer is interested in the card for $750,000.

"When I heard that amount, I almost fell backwards," says the father. "I never thought a little piece of cardboard could be worth that much."

Collector Armando Gutierrez then enters the show and offers the father and son a cheque in the cliffhanger ending of episode five.

In episode six, the father and son decide to take the undisclosed offer. Without telling the figure, Civitella says it is higher than the original sum.

The sale was later listed on Goldin's auction site for an all-time record for any F1 card at $900,000.

"I'm your favourite son," Nicolas joked in the show after finding out how much the card was worth.