Despite a consistent decline in the early 2000s, the number of suicides in Quebec has remained constant since 2007.

About 1,100 people in Quebec die due to suicide every year – that’s three people per day.

Sunday marks the beginning of the 26th annual National Suicide Prevention Week.

Men account for over three quarters of suicides. Suicide rates increase with age, peaking in middle age and declining after that.

Teenagers 15 to 19 and seniors 65 and older are the least affected groups.

For 2013, the last year statistics were compiled, suicide ended nearly three times more lives than all road deaths in the province.

The Quebec Association for Suicide Prevention says several resources are available to help people who are contemplating suicide and their families.

In Montreal, contact Suicide Action Montreal at 514-723-4000 (available 24/7) or visit their website.

Elsewhere in Quebec call 1-866-APPELLE (available 24/7) or find a suicide prevention centre.