MONTREAL -- Quebec Solidaire's Manon Masse is urging the provincial government to come up with a social housing strategy for Indigenous people.

“Half of all Indigenous people live in the city, and face low income, and discrimination daily”, Masse told reporters Friday.  

In the context of Montreal’s current housing crisis, Quebec Solidaire is asking the CAQ to follow recommendations from studies such as the Viens Report, which include the recommendation of an apology for the systemic discrimination of Indigenous people, as well as a plan to develop urban social housing.

“For the First Nations, this could mean grant subsidies, independent housing, even sharing housing with cultural support,” Masse said. Budget allocation and a structured vision regarding Indigenous housing are also deemed an essential element of Quebec Solidaire’s requests.

Masse, second opposition critic for Indigenous Affairs, also went on to say “16 per cent of the homeless community is represented by Indigenous people, who also face prejudice and racial profiling. 

The CAQ has to do it’s part."