MONTREAL -- Quebec's ski hills are undergoing their usual preparations for the coming winter, a season that is likely to be unlike any other.

“People want to get out, people want the fresh air, so I think it could be very positive for this winter,” said Mont Habitant General Manager Shane Booth. “But once again, we're waiting for our health protocols.”

Ski journalist Guy Thibaudeau said there are still questions about what restrictions will be imposed.

“Limitations on how many people can be on the mountain and in the chalets will mean that at some point, there's going to have to be some control, particularly during the Christmas holidays and school break weeks,” he said.

He noted that ski lifts also present a physical distancing challenge.

“If you have a four-person chair, you might be able to put four persons on that chair if they're from the same family. But if you and I go skiing together, we'll probably have to be two on the four-person chair, one on each end,” he said.

In a statement, Quebec Public Health said it's studying a plan presented by the Association of Ski Resorts.

Booth said one part of the plan would be a focus on season passes to avoid lineups.

“Straight form your car, if you want, maybe changed in your car and go straight to the mountain,” he said.