MONTREAL -- Quebecers can now download their vaccine passport using the VaxiCode application on Google Play.

Health Minister Christian Dubé announced Monday Google Play users would be able to download both the citizen and merchant versions of the app.

The app has already been available on the Apple Store for several days.


Starting Sept. 1, merchants will be required to ask anyone coming into their establishment to not only show their proof of vaccine, but also a matching piece of photo ID.

The passport will allow merchants to determine whether shoppers are "adequately protected" according to their vaccination status. 

Outdoor events and festivals, theatres, cinemas, sports venues, bars and restaurants (including terraces), theme parks and other recreation centres will require the passport. 

For a full list of affected services, click here.

For a person to be adequately protected, seven days must have passed since their second dose of a vaccine recognized in Quebec (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Covishield).

Those who got the single dose Janssen shot need to wait at least two weeks to be considered fully vaccinated.

The passport will not be required for all activities, however, in places like drive-thrus and take-out services, libraries, and museums.

Homeless people will not be required to use the vaccine passport for access to indoor dining rooms and patios, according to the government. 


Travellers from outside the province will need to provide proof of vaccination from their home region if they want to use services available only to vaccinated people.

A public health spokesperson told CTV News the province is working on a more integregrated solution.

"Work continues with the other provinces and the federal government to automate the devices by allowing the reading of foreign QR codes," read a statement from a public health spokesperson Noémie Vanheuverzwijn.

Like locals, travellers will also need to provide photo identification along with proof of vaccination.