MONTREAL -- Quebec on Thursday reported no new deaths from COVID-19, though the case numbers are up from recent averages at 588 new infections.

Like Wednesday, there was also another big jump in active infections, an important benchmark, with 200 more over the last 24 hours. The total active cases is 4,878 and is creeping back up to near 5,000.

Wednesday saw 181 more active cases.

Net hospitalizations decreased by seven, along with net intensive-care hospitalizations, which also decreased by seven.

There are currently a total of 241 Quebecers hospitalized with the virus, and a total of 63 in intensive care.

The risk of landing in hospital is still far, far higher for unvaccinated people than it is for the vaccinated. It currently stands at 18.5 times higher.

The risk of catching COVID-19 in the first place is also 5.4 times higher for the unvaccinated than it is for the vaccinated, provincial statistics show.

Vaccinations continue at a pace that's been roughly steady for the last few weeks, with 13,496 new doses reported.

School outbreaks account for half of the province's active outbreaks, with daycares accounting for another 10 per cent. Workplaces account for 23 per cent of outbreaks.


As active cases rise, some regions account for that growth more than others.

Currently, Nunavik has the highest rate of active cases in Quebec, by an immense margin -- the rate there is 1,166 active cases per 100,000 population, as the region remains gripped by its first major COVID-19 crisis of the entire pandemic.

Next highest is Chaudiere-Appalaches, which has a rate of 102 per 100,000 people, well up from the numbers it's seen over the past couple of weeks.

Third is Laval, which is recording a rate of 95, and then the Eastern Townships with 88. 

Montreal currently has a rate of 68 and all other regions are lower than that.