Transport Canada's decision to bring airline safety regulations in line with the European Union is not sitting well with Quebec politicians.

The CATSA regulations that come into effect Monday Nov. 27 will allow passengers to carry a knife with a 6-cm blade on domestic and international flights, but not on flights to the United States. These are the same rules in effect in the European Union.

That has outraged many MNAs who say the federal government is pandering to religious Sikhs.

The World Sikh Organization had been lobbying for the change because it would allow people to carry kirpans -- a small knife -- aboard planes.

Francois Legault, leader of the Coalition Avenir Quebec, said carrying knives was dangerous.

"I do not see how the federal government can accept knives in airplanes. It's not acceptable, even if it is for religious reasons," said Legault.

His party tabled the motion which was approved by almost every MNA.

Quebec Solidaire abstained from voting, with Amir Khadir saying the motion was "cowardly."

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux said the governing Liberals voted in favour of the motion in order to give the federal government a chance to explain itself.

Federal Transportation Minister Marc Garneau said officials have determined that a knife smaller than a pinkie finger is not a credible threat to the safety of an airplane.

"Unfortunately, maybe the members of the National Assembly don't have access to all the information," Garneau said. "We are very satisfied that it's very safe."