A group of Quebec MNAs were among the thousands of people that took to the streets in Ottawa on Saturday, protesting against Ontario premier Doug Ford’s decision to cut several French language services.

Eight Liberal MNAs, including the former minister for English-speaking Quebecers Kathleen Weil, were on site.

“It just doesn’t make sense to treat Francophones like any other minority community,” she said.

“It’s one of our official language communities. There are so many Canadians that have their children on waiting lists to get into French immersion.”

Ford eliminated the position of French Language Services Commissioner and repealed funding for a francophone university that would have been in the Toronto area.

As pressure mounted from the federal government and Francophone community the premier backtracked a bit, announcing that the commissioner's role would continue but under the ombudsman's office.

Plans for the university, however, were not reinstated.

Amanda Simard, the lone francophone MPP in the PC caucus, quit the party on Nov. 29 following the cuts.