MONTREAL -- Using the power of music and film, two Quebecers are trying to encourage men to be more open about their mental health struggles.

In his debut film 'The 108 Journey,' Hugo Rozon documents a trip through India and Nepal that he said was a voyage of self-discovery and acceptance. Rozon was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when he was 18.

“I thought it was really important to share my stories and experience with others and inspire them that there's a way out,” he said. “It's okay to have emotions and it's okay to be yourself. There's a lot of positive aspects of mental health that we don't talk about.”

The film is free to watch online as of Jan. 28.

Through his music, Kareem Live discusses his own struggles with mental health. In his lyrics and video for the song 'Mea Culpa,' Live dives deep into depression and suicidal thoughts.

“It's a hard message, it's a reality we don't talk about a lot,” he said. “It's a subject that's taboo and I think it's a good idea to talk about it, especially right now. We have to be there for one another right now.”