The Quebec government is looking for ways to crack down on child pornography following a renewed uproar of allegations against web giant Pornhub.

Quebec Minister of Public Security Geneviève Guilbault is inviting Quebecers to make complaints and report instances of unlawful material.

This comes on the heels of a New York Times investigation of Pornhub, which is owned by Montreal-based company MindGeek. According to the report, videos hosted on the site featured child rape and other forms of illegal sexual abuse.

In reaction to the allegations, numerous provincial and federal government officials are calling for investigations.

The opposition at the National Assembly is also calling to stop offering tax credits for any tech-based company based in Quebec working in the pornography sector.

The company fiercely denied the allegations, saying in a statement that “any assertion that we allow that is irresponsible and flagrantly untrue.”

Days later, the company announced sweeping changes including expanding moderation and flagging of unlawful material as well as altering its upload policy to restrict new content to verified users until a new verification process could be launched in 2021.