Almost a year after taking a leave of absence to fight a severe meningitis infection, Pierre Moreau’s colleagues gave him a warm welcome back to Quebec politics on Sunday.

At a party brunch held in his Chateauguay riding, Moreau’s fellow Liberals welcomed his clean bill of health.

“He’s like a survivor, but he’s one of the family, one of the team,” said Minister for Seniors and Anti-Bullying Francine Charbonneau. “We’re very happy to see him coming back.”

MNA Robert Poeti said Moreau’s return is not just good news for the Quebec Liberals, but for the whole province.

“A lot of people not only like Pierre but love Pierre, because he’s a very special person for the people in the riding and for all around Quebec,” he said.

Addressing the crowd, Moreau praised Health Minister Gaetan Barrette’s handling of the Quebec health care system.

“It’s a very good system, it’s one of the best in the world,” said Moreau. “That’s what I’ve experienced from the inside… I’m hoping to have very good health and I’m hoping this situation will continue forever.”

For his part, Barrette returned the flowing words.

“I wish and hope that he will have to play an important role,” he said. “Whatever role in which he can express his great talent.”

Premier Philippe Couillard, who appointed Moreau to his current position as junior finance minister,  declined to say whether Moreau will take an more responsibilities now that he’s returned.

“He seems quite energetic to me, I don’t know what you thought. I’m finding the same Pierre that was with us a few months ago before his illness,” said the Premier. “At the present, Pierre is a member of our cabinet. Everybody would agree that what his responsibilities are now are under what he can achieve and what he can deliver for Quebec.”

Couillard added that while he will likely make changes to his cabinet, those alterations will not be announced until after the holiday season. The National Assembly resumes session on Feb. 7.