Revamping the Quebec Liberal Party was on the minds of many at Champlain College in Saint-Lambert Sunday as the party’s youth wing met with the four leadership candidates.

Young Liberals were able to hear from hopefuls Raymond Bachand, Philippe Couillard, Pierre Moreau and Jean David about their plans to bolster the party after an election that weakened the party’s status, and seated them as the official opposition.

“We have to rebuild ourselves we need to look at what's important to us and gain back our credibility,” said youth wing activist Joanna Lozowik, who supports Couillard.

A war of words has already broken out between Couillard and Bachand, when Bachand accused Couillard of trying to push former premier Jean Charest out of power during Couillard’s tenure as health minister.

An apology was requested - none was given.

Both made it clear, however, that the hatchet has been buried.

“I have never intended to hurt or harm anyone. It’s not my style of politics and I've turned the page,” said Bachand.

Couillard said he’s done so as well.

“For me the question is closed. I don't think it will be a factor. I am sure at the end of the day we have a lot of respect for one another,” he said.

Closed or not, leadership candidate Moreau says he's concerned.

“At the end of the leadership race we will have to work together so it's not the way they behaved yesterday that will bring unity to the party,” he said.

All agree on this: The party needs a change and a strong leader.

“We need someone who will be strong with a clear vision for Quebec,” said Quebec Liberal Party Youth Wing President Kevin-Alexandre Lavoie.

The youth wing isn’t recommending a specific candidate.

The next leader will be chosen March 17.