MONTREAL -- Quebec’s language watchdog is investing in the province’s biggest English university.

The Office Quebecoise de la Langue Francaise, responsible for the promotion and protection of the language, is investing $300,000 in French services and programs at Concordia University to better prepare students for Quebec's business world.

The program is called "I want to succeed." It’s geared towards international students, 60 per cent of whom stay in Quebec after graduation.

Ginette Galarneau, president of the OQLF said the money will help students integrate into the Quebec workplace: students like Trista Chen, a graduate student.

"It's very important not only for the immigration process but also for you to well adapt to this society to be part of it in the future. So for the long run it's necessary to learn the language to appreciate its beauty," she said. 

"It's competitive world out there for talented graduates,” said Graham Carr, interim president and vice-chancellor of Concordia University. “Whether it's Quebec or whether it's Ontario or whether it's a jurisdiction in Europe I think everyone is in a global society having to compete very hard to keep talent at home."