MONTREAL -- Flu activity has been high in Quebec, according to the provincial public health authority (the INSP).

Over the last three weeks, there have been 916 cases of Influenza A, 687 or Influenza B and 450 cases of RSV, a common respiratory virus, the INSP said on Tuesday.

Typically, the three virus types would appear at different periods throughout the winter, according to Dr. Earl Rubin, an infectious disease specialist at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

"Influenza [A] hits generally end of November, early December and then starts to wane and then B comes in later, like February, March. That's typically, historically, the pattern you would see. This year, all three are circulating at the same time," he said.

Type B affects children more than adults, but it's not considered to be a more dangerous type of flu.

It should be noted the flu strains circulating to date are incorporated in the vaccine that's been administered here in Quebec, and it's not too late to get the vaccine.

The INSP said a report about the efficacy of this season's flu vaccine would be issued in late February or March.