The Quebec government is investing over $1 billion into Montreal's road system.

The $1.3 billion was announced Friday morning by the ministers of transport, municipal affairs and the minister responsible for the Montreal region.

The money will be spent on projects including a new overpass at the junction of Highways 13 and 40, the continuation of the Turcot and improvements to Highway 25, access to the Sherbrooke interchange.

The Des Sources interchange and the Ile-Aux-Tourtes Bridge are also slated for work.

The Transport Ministry also plans to finish the cover of the Ville Marie Expressway, part of the work promised for Montreal's 375th anniversary. 

All of this work will mean more orange cones and delays for at least the next two years for those who cannot take public transit, admitted Treasury Board Minister Pierre Moreau, but added that it's a necessary evil.

“We understand that it brings a lot of frustration and it’s very normal.” he said. “But we're trying to mitigate them as much as we can and we really thank the Montreal population for its patience. I think in the long term it's in the best interests of everybody."

In all, 213 structures will be affected by the work and there will be 89 work sites with close to 10,000 workers involved.