Quebec is releasing more than $3.6 million to support the integration and job retention of people living with an autism spectrum disorder.

The first 10 projects to benefit from this envelope were unveiled on Monday morning and will share approximately $1.2 million.

Minister for Employment Katrine Champagne Jourdain made the announcement in Montreal at the Autisme sans limites offices, which offers various programs to promote the social inclusion of high-functioning young adults with autism.

Of the initiatives selected, seven will cover the whole of Quebec, and three will be concentrated in the Montreal region.

The projects include training for specialist network technicians, the production of a podcast, the development of a tool to assess employability factors for autistic people and the creation of a guide to communication between autistic and non-autistic people in the workplace.

Against a backdrop of labour shortages, the CAQ minister stressed the importance of "calling on all talents, including those furthest from the labour market."

"We must not only give people living with an autism spectrum disorder all the tools they need to fulfil their potential through employment but also encourage employers to make more room for inclusion and diversity in their workplaces," said Champagne Jourdain at a news conference.

The other projects eligible for funding from the $3.6 million envelope will be announced shortly in various regions.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on May 29, 2023.