It all started when Frank Legault (no, his real name isn't Francois, but everyone asks) broke his finger and couldn't work as a tow truck driver for several months.

"I had some free time," he said. "Instead of doing nothing, I decided to build myself a rod and build some for the kids."

Legault, an avid fisherman, watched "countless" hours of videos and read several books on rod making, and worked painstakingly at creating his own masterpieces.

Eventually, he began posting his own rods on TikTok and Facebook, and people started calling.

"One guy in Toronto wanted two rods, and it started from there," he said. "I'm stuck at home, [and] I'm making less money. Might as well have some type of sideline business."

In nine months, he's sold 60 rods, and the order book is full for the next two months.

He said customers love the attention to detail and originality of his rods as well as the feel.

His rattlesnake skin rod is a fan favourite.

"The feel is really unique," he said.

Working out of his small home in Chambly, Legault has had to transform his bedroom into his assembly plant.

His business is growing so quickly he had to give up his bed and sleep on the couch, though it's his dream to eventually get his own workshop.

Each rod takes 15 to 40 hours to make, and they start at $500.

If they aren't flawless, Legault doesn't send them out.

"If it's not perfect to me, I'll take it apart and start over," he said.

His success, he says, is a dream come true.

"Unfortunately, it doesn't leave much time for fishing."