The Quebec government says it wants to help Anglophones find work in the province.

Quebec Labour Minister Jean Boulet was at the West Island Service Centre yesterday to announce more than $1,458,900  that will go to the employment service network PME Montreal.

"It's particularly important for the English community because the rate of unemployment according to the statistics that were taken in 2016 is much higher than the rest of the Francophone population living in Quebec," said Boulet. "11.7 per cent. It's way too high, so we have to make an additional effort to help the English people integrate into the Quebec labour market as quickly as possible."

The PME MTL network offers coaching, training and financing for entrepreneurs, to support them in launching and growing their businesses.

At SCP Science in Baie-D'Urfe, human resources director Ian Hadida said CVs used to pile up. Now, however, management needs to come up with creative ways to lure talent.

"It's definitely something I've never seen before, and I've been in HR for over 20 years," said Hadida. "there's a lot of demand, and unfortunately not a supply right now, so we have to be very creative and partner up with a lot of different companies, non-profit organizations, schools to help us be able to fill the shortage of labour."

Quebec currently has the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 4.7 per cent.