MONTREAL -- The Quebec government's director of prosecutions (DPCP) is reaching out to victims of sexual assault, asking them not to hesitate to file a complaint, saying more than 50 per cent of court cases lead to convictions.

Beauce Crown prosecutor Audrey Roy-Cloutier wants victims to be aware of everything that is used to help victims during a case.

Victims of sexual assault who file complaints will have several shoulders to lean on, she said, as well as assistance and support services.

Roy-Cloutier said that as soon as a file arrives on her desk - as with other Crown prosecutors - a meeting takes place right away with the victim, even before any charges are laid.

During the meeting, an investigator is also present, as is a representative of CAVAC (Centre for assistance to victims of crime) or one from CALAC (the centres that assist women and victims of assault).

This meeting happens for several reasons, Roy-Cloutier said: to establish trust, to show that a case is taken seriously from the start and to offer the necessary support.

Roy-Cloutier has worked with victims of sexual crimes for more than 13 years.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 15, 2020.