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Quebec COVID-19 absences in health-care settings rise above 7,500, hospitalizations drop


There were 2,119 Quebecers in hospital with COVID-19 as of Thursday's update, a significant drop since the day before. 

Since Wednesday morning, 150 people entered hospital, and 207 were no longer in care. That makes for an overall decrease of 57. 

Of those in hospital, 64 were in the ICU as of Thursday's update, 14 fewer than the day before.

Meanwhile, more health-care workers were absent from work while undergoing COVID-19 isolation, according to Quebec public health, which raised the tally to 7,506. 

There were also 18 more people reported dead due to the virus, bringing that total to 15,084 since the pandemic began.

While hospitalizations slow in Quebec, an 11.6 per cent positivity rate suggests the virus is still circulating widely. 

There are 941 known active outbreaks, and 19,884 known active cases in Quebec. 

Recorded infections rose by 1,745 after health-care professionals logged 1,416 positive PCR tests and 329 Quebecers reported they got a positive result on a rapid test. 

PCR testing is reserved for select at-risk populations in Quebec. Rapid tests are available for free at most pharmacies. 

As for vaccinations, health workers administered 21,303 doses since Wednesday morning. 

Quebec public health announced Wednesday evening that all adults can book an appointment for a fourth dose on Clic Sante if they wish. However, they are not yet recommending people do so. 

Previously, anyone under 60 could get the fourth dose, but only at a walk-in clinic. Now, people aged 18 to 59 can book an appointment on ClicSanté.

So far, 10 per cent of Quebecers have their second booster, which had initially only been offered to at-risk demographics, including those over 60. 

About one-in-three Quebecers over 60 has received four doses. Top Stories

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