QUEBEC CITY -- Quebec City police will crack down on motorists driving without snow tires starting on Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, winter tires became mandatory in the province, and they’ll stay that way until March 15. 

Winter tires can be identified by their logo of a snowflake inside a mountain.

Quebec City police will stake out the borough of Ste-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge starting Wednesday before expanding to other areas in the city over the next two weeks.

A driver without winter tires can face fines between $200 and $300, but won’t get a demerit point on their record.

When the temperature drops below 7 degrees, all-season tires start to lose elasticity, which compromises traction, handling, and braking. Winter tires keep their elasticity at much colder temperatures.

-- This report was first published by the Canadian Press on June 2, 2020.