Work done by a Quebec animation company is being rewarded with an Academy Award nomination.

Laurentian-based "Hybride" has been producing computer graphics and special effects for dozens of movies over the past 17 years, but their work on the 3D blockbuster Avatar was the first to win them a nod from Oscar.

Avatar was supposed to be developed exclusively by Peter Jackson's special effects shop Weta, which was made famous by their eye-popping work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But when the film's deadline loomed, Weta needed help with Avatar and they called Hybride president Pierre Raymond.

"They were working on that movie for a long time but I guess the amount of shots never stop to grow," said Raymond.

Weta was "forced to go to the outside world to deal with it, and there's not so many companies who have the expertise in 3D. We are one of them, that's why we got this 9-1-1 call."

For animator Maryse Bouchard, being able to work on Avatar was a dream come true.

She was convinced to study 3D animation because of another blockbuster film directed by James Cameron: 1991's T2: Judgment Day.

"We were so excited when we first heard about it," said Bouchard. "That we would be working with James Cameron, it was a dream."

Joe Kasparian celebrated his 13th anniversary at Hybride this week, and he's one dad whose kids are impressed with his work.

"I went to see the movie with them the second day it came out and my son was standing up the whole time! And he was screaming," said Kasparian.

The crew at Hybride has already seen the film as a group, and now they have a special reason to host a huge Oscar party.

Whether Avatar wins the award for Special Effects or not, Cameron has promised to come and visit Hybride in person.

The Academy Awards air March 7 on CTV.