The Quartiers Danses Festival has unveiled its schedule for September, and it's planning to host 50 performances across Montreal this fall.

The spotlight is on local talent, with 27 choreographers working with at least 150 dancers on new creations within an urban context.

Outdoor performances and indoor dance labs will explore dance from different perspectives, and the festival includes short films, movement workshops, and photo galleries.

Fans of movement will have their choice of styles to watch and admire, all selected by festival director Raffik Hubert Sabbagh.

"Flamenco, to African dance, to percussive dance, to contemporary ballet, to modern dance, to folkloric dance but in a contemporic twist," he said.

Among the performers will be Barbara Diabo of the Mohawk Nation, who blends indigenous and contemporary dance in Urban Nature.

Opening night will feature Tentacle Tribe and Pauline Gervais performing inside Place des Arts.