The plan for one of the biggest construction projects in Quebec became a little clearer Sunday, with the first of six meetings on its environmental impact.

With a new Champlain Bridge set to begin construction in 2016, the federal government is beginning a series of public consultations to provide concerned citizens the opportunity to voice their concerns and meet the experts.

Transport Canada couldn’t answer every question posed, but could respond to the biggest and most popular question: Exactly where will the bridge be built?

It will be located just ten metres east of the existing Champlain Bridge, explained Marc Brazeau of Transport Canada.

“The goal is to use the existing road network as much as possible, so by putting it as close as possible to the existing bridge, there's a lot less road work both on the South Shore and Nuns’ Island,” he said.

Some road work will be necessary, however.

Highway 10 heading into Brossard will be re-aligned to fit with the new bridge.

Brossard resident Dominique Guertien lives in that immediate area and worries about being pushed out as the new bridge comes in.

“We're asking ourselves if we're going have to move or… how the sounds going to be,” said Guertien.

Officials had a positive response.

“Our plan right now is to have absolutely no expropriation on the South Shore and anywhere else in the corridor,” said Brazeau

With 60 million vehicles crossing the Champlain Bridge every year, the federal government said it intends to stick to a strict timeline.

Construction of the new bridge begins in 2016 and will last until 2021.

Demolition of the old bridge will follow and take three years from 2022-2024.

Once built, the new bridge is expected to last 125 years.

The estimated cost is between $3.5 and $5 billion.