A Saint Eustache woman accused of attempting to kill her children will undergo a 30-day psychiatric examination before her next court appearance.

The woman allegedly tried to drown and electrocute her two young children on Monday morning, but according to police was stopped when her husband was woken up by screaming.

Her name cannot be revealed because of a publication ban to protect the names of her alleged victims, but she was not able to appear in a St. Jerome court on Wednesday to face two counts of attempted murder.

Crown prosecutors and her court-ordered defence lawyer say the woman is incoherent and may not be legally responsible for her action.s

In court it was revealed that the accused is partially paralyzed and had mental health issues that had been noted by her friends and family.

Lawyers say the woman was given a new prescription for anti-depression medication several days before the incident.

"Those are all considerations that the psychiatrist is going to have to consider before issuing a report concerning her responsibility and her aptitude to stand trial," said Crown prosecutor Claudia Carbonneau.

The woman's defence lawyer said he has been having difficulty getting her to give him a mandate, so the judge ordered him to work on her behalf.

The woman's children were treated at Ste. Justine Hospital following the incident, but there is every indication they will not suffer any long-term physical consequences.