Quebec’s civil security association wants to get the province’s residents prepared in case of a major earthquake.

On Oct. 20, the association will hold an event they are calling “The Great Quebec Shakeout.”

According to president Guy Dufour, the deadly earthquake that hit Italy in August is a reminder of the importance of knowing what to do in case of a quake. He said that hundreds of earthquakes hit the province each year, especially in the regions of Charlevoix-Kamouraska, Western Quebec and Bas-St-Laurent.

A recent survey commissioned by the Canadian Insurance Bureau showed Quebecers do not know how to protect themselves when an earthquake hits. Despite awareness campaigns, 30 per cent of Quebecers believe a shelter under a door frame would protect them.

The simulation will take place at 10:20 a.m. and is aimed at educating the proper way to react in an earthquake: drop, cover and hold on.