Protesters rallied in Pierrefonds Monday in order to support green space at the western edge of Pierrefonds.

They hoisted signs and shouted slogans calling on the municipal government to stop the proposed development of Anse à l'Orme.

The protest comes after the Anse à l'Orme development project was harshly criticized Friday by Montreal's Public Consultation Office, the OCPM.

Developers want to build 5,500 homes on privately-owned and that includes wetlands and former farming area near Cap St. Jacques and two nature parks.

The OCPM said the plans put forward for consideration were vague and unclear, failing to answer basic questions such as how many endangered species are in the area, how construction would impact flooding on the land, and transportation issues.

The report also pointed out that 87 percent of those who took part in public hearings this year oppose development of the area.

"Imagine, if we destroy all of this in Montreal there is no more greenspaces. Not much, you know?" said Monique René.

Protesters also said it was typical urban sprawl, building in an area that is already ill-served by roads of any kind, and would only add to traffic congestion in Pierrefonds and Kirkland.

Sue Stacho of Sauvons L'Anse à l'Orme said she wished the city and province had a grander vision instead.

"Sitting right adjacent to other green spaces, Cap St Jacques, Parc Agricole Bois de la Roche and Morgan Arboretum and together with Angell woods they could make an amazing national or urban park," she said.

Borough Mayor Jim Beis refused to rule out the project, but said the OCPM's criticism was clear and was understood.

"This consultation process has allowed us at least to identify areas that need to be addressed. And then and only then can we look at decisions that are going to be taken thereafter," said Beis.

However if the city and developers come back with another plan to build houses, protesters promised they would return.